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Udaan is a young and aspiring non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization in Northern Delaware that strives to espouse, celebrate and promote the riches of the Bengali culture. Udaan also seeks to educate the greater Delaware Valley community at large about the various aspects integral to the fabric of Indian life. To this end, Udaan provides a platform for cultural and social exchanges to generate appreciation and understanding of Indian ethos and philosophy among the people of this area.
Udaan was born out of an insatiable desire to relive a multifaceted cultural experience through a wide variety of community events that explore the essence of what Bengal is all about, including music, art, entertainment, and of course, food — all in the spirit of fun, having a good time with family and friends. The organization was founded by fun-loving individuals who volunteer their time and effort in bringing this experience to our community. With open arms and soaring aspirations, Udaan welcomes not only the Bengali-speaking expatriate community, but the entire Indian diaspora, as well as individuals of all nationalities. We at Udaan believe that the opportunity to showcase our culture is a privilege and we invite you to share in this experience and help enrich the social fabric of the larger community. Among other events,

Udaan Organizes...

Durga Puja in Delaware
Saraswati Puja in Delaware
Naboborsho & Rabindro Jayanti
Cricket Match

Udaan's Mission...

Udaan was born out of an insatiable desire to relive a multifaceted cultural experience through a wide variety of community
events that explore the essence of what Bengal is all about,
including music, art, entertainment, and of course, food — all in the spirit of fun, having a good time with family and friends.
Cultural programs and dramas
Programs for the children
Picnics and outings
Athletic activities
Celebration of ethnically oriented Pujas
Interaction initiatives with similar other cultural groups

Working Committee

• Abhishek Das • Devanjan Ghosh • Kallol Ray • Partha Mandal • Pias Chaklanobish • Sandhitsu Das • Sagnik Dasgupta • Somnath Ghosh • Soumyadeep De • Soumyojyoti Basu • Sudipta Jana • Sushital RoyChoudhury • Suvo Dasgupta

Website Team

Abhishek Dutta • Srimanta Bera

Events of UDAAN
Moments captured...

Our gallery potraits our culture, integrity and talents. An attempt to hold and cherish those unforgotable moments.

Image 1

Saraswati Pujo


Image 1

Durga Puja


Saraswati Pujo


Durga Pujo


Poila Baishakh


Saraswati Pujo


Durga Pujo


Saraswati Pujo


Durga Pujo


Poila baisakh


Udaan Katha
Few Words

Udaan was a brainchild of few people formed out of an impromptu decision of forming an organization to encourage and promote Bengali culture. Eventually more and more enthusiastic people started joining the combined vision of building the organization where everyone has equal rights of generating ideas, debating and come to a unified vision of building a community catering to everyone in Delaware

Our first event was Bijaya Dashami where we received overwhelming response from the community in terms of participation in cultural activities. The event was very successful and we never stopped after that. Our next event Saraswati Puja was successful too with immense response from our patrons in an extreme icy weather conditions.

Next big event was Durga Puja where we decided we will celebrate Bengali's biggest festival "Pujo" with sumptuous unique Bengali cuisine and host renowned overseas artist Somlata Acharya & her band. The event was so well received by the community that one of the patron's parents who visited us from India mentioned is his facebook post "that he has never attended such homely and culturally rich Puja before in USA and was amazed at the level of warmth received from Udaan organizers"

The next biggest one we can think of is sponsoring a Bengali rock show of a youth icon Rupam. We went ahead with sponsoring Rupam & Fossils and several other bengali organizations in United States joined hands with us in our unified vision of promoting Bengali music in a different flavor. On that same year more folks joined hands with Udaan to work together in future events to promote Bengali culture and our team size increased from 10 to 14.

The latest one from the block was sensational Anupam Roy & Band. It was a mega successful event. Udaan has sponsored Anupam Roy Band for spreading next level Bengali music. More folks joined Udaan's progress and rest is history....

We call ourselves Udaanites..by "we" it is meant each & everyone who is involved in organizing, participating, volunteering and attending our events.
Udaan means airbus taking off..we literally took off our flight full of Bengali culture, food and entertainment on Oct,18th 2012 and are still continuing with our journey of spreading love, cultural activities .....!!!

Memories of Udaan
Past Events

Our event timeline portrays our success we achieved in an effort to bring the most popular artists at your door step. An atempt to bring the integrity in the light of joy to our community.

Iman Chakraborty

2017 Durga pujo

IMAN CHAKRABORTY show is another hit event. She won the hearts of Udaan. Each song was played elaborately and beautifully. Her performance was mesmerizing.

Raghab Chatterjee

2017 Durga pujo

The night is remebered as a classical & fusion musical night with RAGHAB CHATTERJEE. He has given Udaan priceless emotions and feelings throughout the eveing through his unforgotable voice.


2017 Durga pujo

This was the performance that everyone in the audience had yearned for all along and DOHAR did not disappoint. It is one of the greatest performances of all time at Udaan and has permanently remained in the memory of people who attended the live concert.

Anupam Roy Band

2016 Durga pujo

Anupam Roy show was a mega event. We still are receiving excellent feedback from all our friends who got a chance to join us on that day. Kudos to Anupam and group for their overwhelming effort to make this event a grand success.

Rupam Islam (Fossils)

2015 Durga pujo

An amazing eveing with Rupam Islam who has brought about a revolution in bangla music. He is a fact well known and cherished by all the music lovers.

Somlata Acharya Chowdhury

2014 Durga pujo

We didn't realise we were making memories.. we just know we were having fun. The musical journey with an extraordinary voice and her band. She is indeed an extremely talented and versatile singer.

Udaan Ekhon
Upcoming Events

UDAAN's Boithokkhana...

* Puja Barsiki Ananda Mela and Puja Barsiki Desh are available for $11 each ONLY for patrons registering for puja. Please indicate quantities below.
** Please donate generously towards Udaan's new Durga and Kali Idols. Any contribution is appreciated.
**Free for Children < 12 yrs Kids Menu

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